Barbara's Worst Nightmare! Jenelle Evans' Mother Breaks Down In Tears Over Losing Custody Of Jace

Does Grandma know best?

In a sneak peek clip for Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans‘ mother, Barbara, is still unsure about giving her daughter custody of her son, Jace, back. “You know what, she did this herself. If it doesn’t go her way, she’s going to be devastated. If it doesn’t go my way, Jace is going to be devastated, he’s going to be devastated,” she explained to the producer.

Barbara claims that Jenelle is “slowly, slowly, slowly, growing up” and doesn’t believe that she’s “made it there yet” to receive full custody of the 7-year-old back.

Watch the clip above to hear more of Barbara’s struggles over custody! Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 9pm ET only on MTV!

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