Jenelle Accused Of Putting Kaiser In Danger: 'You Are Asking For A Trip To The ER!'

Jenelle Evans is not making her fans too happy!

The Teen Mom 2 star has been documenting her new country living lifestyle on social media and showing fans her new life as a mother-of-three. She recently shared videos and photos of her youngest son, 2-year-old Kaiser, riding a mini ATV and fans are furious!

Fans noticed that the toddler wasn’t wearing a helmet in her videos and wrote on Twitter, “God he needs a helmet!!! Protect him!! SOMETHING!!” Another one added, “Why the hell isn’t Kaiser wearing a friggen helmet ?!?!!?! [Jenelle] you are asking for a trip to the ER!”

Shortly after, Jenelle proved to her followers, don’t mess with mama bear! She uploaded another video on Snapchat of Kaiser with the caption, “Haters say this is too much for him.” Shut down!

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