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Terrifying Video! Jenelle Evans' Explosive Road Rage CAUGHT On-Camera

'I’m going to inch up on your f**king a**,' the 'TM2' star screams in the clip.

Looks like road rage is common for Jenelle Evans!

In a shocking video from her YouTube Channel published on Apr 4th, 2012, Jenelle was filmed driving in traffic in Wilmington, NC, with her friend. The caption read, “My road rage in Wilmington, no I had no idea I was being filmed lmao.” She is heard screaming, “Go! Do you see me yelling at you?! I’m going to inch up on your f**king a**!” “Oh my god dude, it’s green! Go,” she yelled while she honked her horn.

Fast forward a few years, it was reported that Jenelle was involved in yet another road rage incident last week. On April 26th, 2018, the mother-of-three allegedly “pulled a gun” on a man after an explosive fight. She told the police that a driver “purposely slammed on the brakes” in front of her. However, Jenelle failed to inform the authorities that she had a gun in her car and pulled it out, according to the police report and audio obtained by According to the report, she had two children in the car with her, one being her oldest son, Jace.

In the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center CFS report exclusively obtained by Radar, a driver claimed Jenelle “hit his truck, ran over his mailbox and pulled a gun on him.” “A crazy lady followed him to his house, she is fixing to get shot,” the report stated about the incident. “She was driving blocking traffic, he tried to pass her on the inside like everyone else and she flipped out.” The other driver claimed Jenelle then followed him onto his private property and he “started yelling to bring it on,” at the reality star. A deputy said in the report, “Suspect [Evans] hit two vehicles in the yard and then she pulled a 10-84/G,” which is the code for “suspect with a gun.”

Jenelle also gave her version of the incident, according to the report. “He was tailgating me the whole way, I had my son in the car because my son was at therapy,” she said. “He’s been tailgating me the whole time in traffic. Would not stop. Then he races in front of me and purposely slammed on the brakes at 70 something miles an hour.” According to the report, Jenelle did not mention a gun was in her car. “This guy is trying his hardest for me not to behind him anymore,” she said. “He is literally going crazy, swerving in and out of lanes.” Jenelle told the operator she had to call from her son’s phone because the other driver “made [her] slam on the brakes so hard that [her] phone went flying.” She continued, “My son, his head almost got whiplash and almost hit the dash. That’s how bad I had to slam on the brakes.”

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