'Jersey Shore' Stars Give Their Fellow Cast Members Superlatives

'Most Likely To Get Arrested' goes to...

Which Jersey Shore cast member is most likely to get the drunkest? What about the person most likely to go the longest without sex? Well, the cast members decided to weigh in! SnookiPauly DThe Situation, and Vinny Guadagnino sat down with OK! to play cast superlatives  and it was pretty eye-opening.

Turns out “Most Likely to Get the Drunkest” goes to none other than Snooki — “Me!” she says in the clip, proudly raising her hand. (Which isn’t shocking to any diehard Jersey Shore fans.) And “Most Likely to Go the Longest Without Sex” is also Snooki. “I can go a while,” she admits.

“Most Likely to Have Sex After This Interview,” however, went to Pauly. Even though The Situation’s girl was in town. Ouch!

The cast goes on to reveal which of their fellow house mates are the “Most Likely to Get Arrested,” “Get Married,” and “Live in Jersey Forever.” Watch the full interview above!

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