Poor Baby!

Jimmy Kimmel's Newborn Son Was Born With A Heart Defect & It's Too Sad For Words

'It was the longest three hours of my life,' the new dad admits.

Jimmy Kimmel may be one of the funniest late night hosts on air, but his monologue on Monday night was far from hilarious as he got very serious with his live audience and the millions of viewers at home.

The new father, who’s wife Molly recently welcomed their second child, William, was in for quite an ordeal when he was told that his son was born with a heart defect and would require surgery.

While he appeared to be a healthy baby right after birth, Jimmy revealed that about three hours later, a nurse noticed he looked a bit purple, which is not common. A doctor determined William was not getting enough oxygen into his blood.

After weighing their options, Jimmy and his wife put their son in an ambulance to be taken to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles, and a doctor was able to fix one of the two defects in his heart. And now Jimmy can breathe a sigh of relief, as we all can!

“It was the longest three hours of my life,” the new dad admits.

While William still requires two more surgeries down the road, Jimmy was able to finally smile and even crack a joke. “Poor kid not only did he get a bad heart, he got my face.”

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