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Is Joseph Duggar Already Controlling His New Wife?

The couple tied the knot less than two weeks ago.

Before Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell tied the knot, the engaged couple sat down for a game of “This Or That.”

However, things quickly took a shift when Joe seemed to take control of the game.

While “This Or That” centers on each individual answering questions about things they prefer (for example: pizza or pasta, mountains or beaches, TV or radio), Joe ended up telling Kendra what she preferred.

And when Joe wasn’t telling Kendra what she liked she seemed to defer to his preferences.

To see for yourself, click the video above!

As OK! readers’ know, Joe and Kendra tied the knot on September 8.

The couple had quite the quick engagement, as Joe asked for Kendra’s hand in marriage back in May.

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