Kailyn's Secret Relationship Details EXPOSED! Lowry's Girlfriend Tells All

Domique Potter reveals the truth about her romance with the 'Teen Mom 2' star.

Kailyn Lowry tried to hide this romance, but now her ex-girlfriend is telling all! Teen Mom 2 viewers recently met Dominique Potter on the show and in an exclusive interview with, she is giving more details about the relationship that the mother-of-three tried to keep private.

“Kail and I met two years ago at a pride event in Jersey,” Dom told Radar about meeting the reality star. “We went to Atlanta the second week of November. November 14th was the actual day. She wanted the title.”

Dom added, “We weren’t dating anybody else.”

Currently, MTV fans are seeing the happier times during their relationship on the reality series, but Dom revealed that it wasn’t always picture perfect. She explained, “Anytime she thought I was speaking to somebody, she was quick to ask what I was doing. There were a couple of times she questioned if I was cheating on her. I wasn’t seeing anyone else. I can’t say the same for her.”

To hear more about what Dom had to say about the romance, watch the video above!

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