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Kailyn Lowry BREAKS DOWN Talking About Her Unstable Childhood In A Heartbreaking Video

Find out who made the 'Teen Mom 2' emotional in this 'MBC' clip.

Kailyn Lowry has emotions that she can’t control!

In an exclusive sneak peek clip for Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the Teen Mom 2 star was faced with her past. “Kail this morning you identified one person you need to forgive, who was that person?,” Dr. Ish asked the reality star. She replied, “My mom.” Dr. Ish informed her that Dr. V would be playing the role as her mother, which Kail doesn’t take very well.

Dr. V, pretending to be Kail’s mom, told her, “I don’t love you. I will always choose drinking over you.” However, despite the hurtful words, Kail replied, “It’s fine.” Adding, “It’s whatever now.”

Kail became visibly emotional after admitting, “Maybe if I had a stable childhood, I would have healthy relationships, maybe.”

“What is happening inside of you?,” Dr V. asked Kail before she replied, “I just don’t feel anything.”

Watch the chilling clip above! Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Friday nights at 9pm ET only on WE TV. 

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