Kailyn Lowry's Baby Number 4 Plans Revealed — By Her Ex-Girlfriend!

The 'TM2' star's ex, Dominique, opens up about the idea to use Chris Lopez's sperm.

Kailyn Lowry is open to the idea of baby number 4! In an exclusive interview with, the Teen Mom 2 star’s girlfriend, Dominique Potter, revealed that during their romance the two planned a serious future together…involving more kids!

“We definitely talked about the future,” Dom said. “It was hard with me being in Jersey so we discussed me moving to Delaware. Not necessarily me moving in with her, but close to her so we could have that family aspect we both wanted. I really liked the idea of family.”

During their romance, Dom grew close to Kail’s three boys, Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux. “I felt like I had that same responsibility to take care of them,” she said. “We all got along so well. With the baby, I was in her house for weeks at a time since he was two months old. I feel like I’m so connected with him. I helped her take care of him. That’s a strong connection I’ll definitely miss. She would make comments, ‘My kid doesn’t have a dad.’ I was putting the baby to sleep one day and she said, ‘Oh look he has a dad, Daddy Dom.’”

Dom even admitted that the two discussed having a child of their own during their romance! “That whole thing came out about Chris possibly being a sperm donor for her,” she said. “She’s asked me, whether it was joking or not, she’s asked me if I would be okay with it… Having his be mine. Of course I wouldn’t be okay with that.”

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