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Busted! Kailyn's Pregnancy Bombshell Caught On Camera

'Teen Mom 2' Lowry wasn't too thrilled when her friend revealed her explosive secret.

Pregnancy symptoms alert!

In a sneak peek clip for Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry isn’t feeling too hot and her friend is calling her out on her big secret! “I just took Isaac over to Javi‘s house and I have so much s**t I need to do tonight for tomorrow but I am so overwhelmed and frustrated right now,” she told her friend, Sterling, via FaceTime. “Like I’m so f*****g tired.”

Her friend responded, “Dude you’re so pregnant,” since she was unaware that Kail was filming. The reality star didn’t seem too pleased with her friend saying the bombshell news out loud and in a low, mad tone, told her, “I’m filming” and pointed the phone at the cameras.

Watch Kail’s pregnancy secret get revealed! Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 9pm ET, only on MTV! 

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