Happily Ever After!

Kailyn Is Off The Market! Lowry & Her Baby Daddy Are BACK Together

'Our relationship is so weird,' the 'Teen Mom 2' star gushed.

Kailyn Lowry was open about her rocky romance with her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, during her pregnancy. But now that Baby Lo has made his big arrival, the new parents are trying to make their relationship work!

“Our relationship is so weird,” Kailyn told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “I don’t necessarily think we are not together.”

Despite their rocky romance, Kail couldn’t help but praise Chris for stepping into the father role so easily. “When he has the baby he does a really good job,” she gushed. “He’s very hands-on when he is with him. I tell him all the time that I’m shocked and impressed. It’s not really what I expected. I never knew him around babies.”

Since the new parents don’t live together, Kail explained the two are still figuring out a visitation schedule for the baby boy. “We’re trying to figure out what’s best for us,” she said. “He’s working and going to school. It’s hard when I’m gone for a couple of days at a time and he can’t see the baby every single day.”

Kail gave birth in early August to her third boy and in a previous interview, she told all about his name!

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