Kendra On Top Exclusive Clip: Kendra Wilkinson Questions Her Dad About His Fiancée Amy!

Kendra Wilkinson has the ultimate sit down with her father Eric on the upcoming episode of Kendra on Top, and she has no problem sharing her thoughts on his fiancée, Amy.

In the exclusive clip above, the two meet up after a wild night at the Playboy mansion.

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Eric expresses his happiness about being able to visit Kendra in California, saying, “I’ve missed being around you guys. The worst thing in the world for me has been not seeing that leap from little Hank being where he was to where he is now and from Alijah not walking to running around right now, just jabbering around like crazy.”

But when the conversation turns to his romantic life, things get a bit uncomfortable. Kendra previously told Jessica that her dad’s fiancée was acting like a huge groupie at the Playboy party, and she questions what her dad is thinking by getting engaged to her.

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After Eric explains to Kendra that he just wants to be able to have a “comfortable life and happiness,” his daughter asks if he thinks Amy will be able to provide that for him.

See the interaction in the clip above, and tune into the latest episode of Kendra on Top Friday, October 16 at 9:30 on WE tv! What do you think his response will be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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