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WATCH: Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Just How Bad Her Relationship With Her Mom Is On 'Kendra On Top'

Kendra On Top is never short of drama, and in this week’s episode, Kendra Wilkinson reveals in an exclusive preview clip just how bad her relationship with her mother is!

While at her grandmother Mary Stotz’s funeral, Kendra’s estranged mother, Patti was of course in attendance, but the two did not speak!

“It’s just weird that you guys just did not embrace each other,” Kendra’s friend says to her. The 30-year-old mother-of-two agreed, and noted that when her mother is ready to be loved, she’ll be waiting.

“When she wakes up and says, ‘I’m read for love,’ the door will be wide open for her,” Kendra revealed. And her friend clearly wants the same. “I just want all this to end and I hope that someday that’s patched up,” he said.

Watch the exclusive clip of Kendra on Top above and tune into the WeTV show on Fridays at 9pm EST!

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