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Khloe Kardashian Reveals Sex With Tristan Thompson Has Gotten Uncomfortable

Talk about TMI!

Khloe Kardashian has never been known to hold her tongue, so get ready to hear her latest comment, which is certainly to going to have you turning red! The reality star shared details about her sex life with Tristan Thompson.

In response to a fan’s question, Khloe revealed that her bump has impacted her sex life big time. As fans know, Khloe is about to have her first child with the NBA player, and having romps together isn’t what it used to be.

She admitted that as her stomach has gotten bigger, sex “became….more uncomfortable.”

And wait, there’s more!

KoKo added, “also you can’t move the same so you kind of feel useless.” We didn’t need the visual, Khloe!

Meanwhile, she is currently in Cleveland, where she shares a home with Tristan, as she prepares for motherhood. She noted that she plans to have the baby in Cleveland as opposed to Calabasas, Calif., which is where her family lives.

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