Kardashian News Roundup: Find Out Why Kim Kardashian Is Stressing Out Over Amber Rose And Blac Chyna Getting A Reality Show!

Kim Kardashian may want to watch her back in the upcoming months, as Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are set to hit the small screen with their very own reality show!

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Given how much juicy gossip they probably have on Tyga and Kim, not to mention Kanye West, their show may just do as well as Keeping up With the Kardashians!

Of course, this is not good news for Kim, who did her best to keep the show from ever hitting airwaves, a source told RadarOnline. But fortunately for fans, and unfortunately for her, her antics didn’t work!

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Check out the video above for the inside scoop on how Kim is reacting to Amber and Blac Chyna getting their own show!

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