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Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bombshell: 10 Most Shocking Moments From This Week’s ‘KUWTK’


Who knew Kim Kardashian was trying to have a baby while she was in hiding, in the months after her Paris robbery? On this week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim admitted to trying for baby number 3, Khloe stressed about the launch of her denim line, and Rob fought to regain his Armenian heritage (sounds dramatic, but he totally did). Here are this week’s most shocking KUWTK moments:

1. Rob and Chyna have some crazy sex! Rob told Khloe and Scott that he and Chyna were once in a crazy spider position that had Chyna ”twizzled up” into a pretzel and Rob in the ceiling.

2. North Told Kim she didn’t want her to have another baby! However, the 3-year-old quickly changed her mind and said she definitely wanted her mommy to have another child, and actually wanted her to have two, a boy and a girl!

3. Surprise! Khloe’s learning Spanish! Khlo admitted to taking Spanish classes at home as she practiced her Español while getting her makeup down for her Good American photo shoot.

4. Rob lived with his dad, Robert Kardashian, for a year, before he died. The youngest Kardashian opened about his father and revealed that he was the only sibling to stay with him right before he passed. Rob also said he wanted to instill the same Armenian values that his dad taught him, into his daughter, and had Khloe teach him how to cook some Armenian dishes.

5. Khloe called Rob an “incestual freak!” After Rob told Khloe her boob was hanging out of her shirt, when it really wasn’t, Khloe told Rob it was weird that he was even looking at her chest since he’s her brother and all.

6. Kris told Khloé her lips were crooked. While sitting at a family dinner Kris let it be known that the right side of Khloe’s top lip was lower than her left. Khloe responded by telling her mom: “I know mom, we’re trying to work on that.”

7. Kim dropped a bombshell when told her family she was trying to have one more baby. However, she told the Kardashian-Jenner clan that she had to have surgery on her uterus to try and conceive again. While the Kardashian clan didn’t seem to be on board with Kim’s plan, since she had two tough pregnancies, Kim said she wanted to try everything she could to have one more baby on her own and the surgery was the last thing she could do to see if getting pregnant again was even a possibility.

8. Kim had a catheter and North opened up her “pee bag.” After Kim had surgery on her uterus she could not pee on her own so she had to have a catheter for a number of days, even after leaving the hospital. While she eventually got it taken out, Kim told her bestie, Jonathan Cheban, that North accidently spilled her bag of urine on the floor one day.

9. Kim found out she cannot carry another child, however, she told her sisters she’s looking into other options to have one more baby. After having the surgery on her uterus, which proved to be unsuccessful, Kim admitted that she and Kanye were looking into possibly using a surrogate to have their next child.

10.Khloe’s denim launch was a success! Good American was the second biggest launch Nordstrom’s ever had, despite Khloe’s anxiety about it not meeting it’s required number in sales.

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