Kim Kardashian's Unfiltered Bikini Pics RUIN Her Image As Fans Retaliate In A Major Way

The KUWTK star's trying to make a comeback with a flawless photo but will it work?

Kim Kardashian may be one of the most of the most followed women in the world (and on social media) but is her reign coming to an end? After those unedited photos of her booty hit the internet, it seems people are over the facade that is Kim. Where did those dimples and that cellulite come from, considering all the magazines and Instagram photos of her over the last decade or so are always #Flawless.

While many women were likely glad to finally see her keeping it real, some fans were not feeling the look apparently, and she lost followers because of it. Though it’s devastating enough when us average people lose a couple of followers here and there, Kim lost THOUSANDS. 100,000 to be exact. But don’t fret, she had a plan, as always.

The beauty was quick to share yet another stunning photo of herself on vacation in Mexico, and we must admit, from the front she is killing it!

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