'Excruciating Pain'

'Ladies Of London' Star Caroline Fleming Reveals Her Father Has Died

Niels Krabbe Iuel-Brockdorff, father of Ladies of London star Caroline Fleming, has passed away at age 78.

Caroline shared the news with her social media followers Sunday, Instagramming a poem along with a heartfelt caption. “A very darling friend of my sisters shared this beautiful poem with us last weekend after our beloved father passed away,” she wrote. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your very kind and loving condolences through what has been excruciatingly painful days.”

Despite having a tumultuous relationship through the years, Niels and Caroline mended their relationship before he was diagnosed with cancer. “We were by my fathers side to the very end and his final journey was beautiful,” Caroline revealed. “We take this time now to grieve our enormous loss, my father was a remarkable gentleman and will be missed every day, loved always and forever.”

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