Leah Messer FINALLY Talks About Getting Back With Jeremy Calvert For The First Time On-Camera!

Does the 'Teen Mom 2' star want to rekindle the romance with her ex-husband?

Is this couple going to give their romance another try this season?!

In a sneak peek clip at the upcoming Teen Mom 2 season, Leah Messer talks to her sister about her most recent conversation with her second baby daddy and ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. “Jeremy texted me and says he wants to talk to me…And he’s been commenting on every single one of my pictures and is being so weird,” Leah tells her sister, Victoria. She replies, “I think in a way you have a feeling of what it’s going to be about…Maybe he wants to get dinner!”

Leah explains that he could want to discuss their daughter, Addie‘s, birthday party, but Victoria doesn’t think that’s it! “I think he’s, he might be trying to get his way back in,” she tells the mother-of-three.

With a small smile Leah replies, “Trying to get back together with me?!”

Watch the clip above! Teen Mom 2 airs Monday, May 7th, at 9pm ET only on MTV!

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