WATCH: Leah Messer Receives Heartbreaking News About Her Daughter's Health In A 'Teen Mom 2' Clip!

Between custody battles and health concerns, Leah Messer has a lot to deal with.

In a Teen Mom 2 sneak peek clip, Leah mets up with her ex-husband Corey Simms to drop off their twin daughter, Ali.

Corey begins to explain to the mother-of-three the next time Ali has a doctors appointment, they should mention her diet.

A confused and concerned Leah questions what exactly he means and he replies, “She’s not eating. It takes everything I got to get her to eat.” Leah reveals, “She eats with me.”

Corey further explains, “she eats, but she doesn’t eat enough. She’s been not eating for awhile.” He revealed that the 6-year-old lost a few pounds and is now down to only 34lbs, when she previously was almost 40lbs.

The former couple, who have been getting along better, both agree to make a doctors appointment.

Watch the clip above to see Leah and Corey discuss Ali’s shocking health concerns. Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 10pm ET on MTV!

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