WATCH: Still In Love? Leah Messer Admits If She Wants Her Ex-Husband Jeremy Calvert Back!

Is Leah Messer hoping for a second chance?

In a sneak peek clip for the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Leah reveals the truth about the romantic dinner featured on the show with her ex Jeremy Calvert and her true feelings about him!

“It sounded as if you were expressing romantic feelings for him,” Dr. Drew says. “At that time, I did still love Jeremy, I did,” Leah admits. “I mean I’m over it, completely over it. But that’s just recently happened. I’ve just recently accepted that I don’t think Jeremy and I are good together.”

The former couple share one daughter together, Addie. Leah also reveals the co-parenting struggles they are currently facing. “I don’t know what’s wrong with him right now.” She adds, “He was doing great, but he just like moved in with his girlfriend in Ohio.”

She begins to get emotional after Dr. Drew asked if it’s “hard to get him involved in Addie’s life,” she replies in a soft tone, “yeah.”

Watch the clip above to see more of Leah’s heartbreaking confessions! The Teen Mom 2 reunion airs Monday at 9pm ET on MTV! 

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