WATCH: Leah Messer And Ex Jeremy Calvert Reveal If They Regret Getting Divorced In 'Teen Mom 2' Clip!

A friendly dinner between friendly exes?

In a sneak peek clip for Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer and her ex Jeremy Calvert grab dinner together and discuss their past issues.

The conversation begins to get heated after Jeremy asks, “I have a question, do you ever wish you listened to me one time,” before Leah fires back with the same question for him!

“You were the one person I thought,  like, I couldn’t imagine myself being with anyone else,” Leah tells Jeremy. She continues, “There’s no excuse for the mistakes I’ve made, but I wonder where we would be had we been together through my treatment.”

Watch the clip above to see the heated dinner date between Jeremy and Leah! Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 10pm ET on MTV. 

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