Love Triangle! Leah's Ex-Husband Jeremy Calvert BLASTED Over Explosive Cheating Accusations

Love triangle!

Over the weekend, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert were photographed together having a night out on the town and it seems that didn’t go over well with his ex, Brooke Wehr. Hours after the photo of Leah and Jeremy was uploaded, Brooke posted a selfie of herself in bed with a guy that she has since deleted! Drama!

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Jeremy explained what went down that night.

“I was single, so I didn’t see anything wrong with taking an innocent photo with my ex-wife,” he explained. “We have a child together, and we’re not going to start screaming at each other or anything. We get along and we act like mature adults for our kid.”

He continued, “Brooke and I broke up back in February,” he said. “That’s when she posted all the stuff on social media about me, lying about me hooking up with a Teen Mom producer and stuff. After all that, we tried to work things out and we got back together. About two weeks later, we had a talk and she basically told me that she needed me to move to Ohio where she lives, and stop being on the road for work so much in order for our relationship to work. I wasn’t going to walk away from my home in West Virginia or my career, so we ended things again. There was no arguing or anything, just a clean break.”

To make this Teen Mom relationship drama even worse, Brooke uploaded a screenshot of a text conversation between Jeremy and her friend, revealing the two were “hooking up” behind her back when they were together.

Jeremy defended his side of the story saying, “But at the time we hooked up, I was single. This happened last winter, and Brooke was with someone else at the same time. We were broken up, and I never thought Brooke and I would get back together.”

He added it only happened once and after getting back with Brooke, they kept quiet about the encounter.

Following all of the social media drama, Leah tweeted a cryptic message writing, ” Envy [slays] itself by its own arrows.” Hmmm!

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