'I Cannot Wait!' Leah Messer Makes A MAJOR Announcement On Camera One Month After Pregnancy Scandal

Leah Messer is all about positivity!

On her YouTube channel, the Teen Mom 2 star gushed over some exciting life changes. “I wanted to share with you guys with the opportunity I’ve come across, I didn’t believe in it, I thought it was total bullshit,” the MTV gushed about an exciting project she is working on.

“I’m in a program, and I have a life coach through the Live Your Standard Program and I absolutely love it! I am training to be a life coach myself and I cannot wait,” the mother-of-three admitted.

As fans may remember, Leah’s youngest daughter, Addie, accidentally revealed during a Facebook Live that her mom has a “baby in her belly.” However, the reality star has denied that she is expecting her fourth child.

Watch the sweet video below from Leah’s channel! 


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