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Inside Lionel Richie’s Plan To Break Up Daughter Sofia & Boyfriend Scott Disick

Her dad ‘flipped out’ when he heard the E! star considers her ‘future wife material.’

Lionel Richie is starting to get worried about his daughter Sofia’s relationship with Scott Disick!

What began as a fling last summer is still going strong nine months later, and Lionel is determined to make sure it doesn’t last much longer, especially after he heard that Scott, 34, considers his daughter, 19, “future wife material.”

“Lionel called Scott right away and said flat-out, ‘You will never marry my daughter,’” an insider told OK! exclusively. “He added that he can’t wait for the day when Sofia comes to her senses and walks away — and he guaranteed that she would.”

Still, Scott is proving harder to get rid of than expected. “Of course it stings that her dad is so opposed to the relationship, but Scott refuses to walk away,” the source told OK!

The insider revealed that Scott even thinks the two are ready to move in together and start “a trial marriage.” “Scott believes this will show the world their love is here to stay,” the insider claimed.

Said another insider, “From the get-go, Scott charmed Sofia with this whole ‘you and me against the world’ mentality, which Lionel’s disapproval only feeds into. She’s totally under his spell. No one would be surprised if she married Scott without her dad’s blessing.”

Do you think Lionel will be able to break up Sofia and Scott? Sound off in the comments below!

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