’Love After Lockup' Star Glorietta Is ‘Concerned’ Fiancé Alex Bentley Is Going To Get Back With His Ex!

The reality star had no idea her beau met up with his former girlfriend.

Love After Lockup star Glorietta revealed that she’s “concerned” fiancé Alex Bentley might get back with his ex Juliana. The WETv personality opened up about her insecurities regarding their relationship during an interview with

Glorietta, 33, met Alex through her cousin, who was serving time at the same prison as Alex. When he got out from behind bars, Alex secretly met up with his ex Juliana behind Glorietta’s back.

“Alexander did withhold information, such as [meeting] Juliana. I had no idea he called Juliana. I just learned that from watching like everybody else in that episode. So I didn’t know that he went to go meet with Juliana or that he even called her on the first day that he was released,” Glorietta explained.

She continued, “So that was disappointing and very unfortunate for our relationship to say the least. However, I really wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t say I’m not surprised he did that. Knowing Alexander, he tends to be a big flirt and that’s just his personality.”

Glorietta didn’t hold back when asked if she trusted Alex.

“I trust him in some aspects and in some aspects I don’t trust him. But I don’t trust people easy,” she admitted.

Glorietta also confessed that she was “concerned” over Alex’s relationship with Juliana.

Watch the above video to find out why Glorietta is concerned about Alex possibly getting back with Juliana, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 



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