'Love After Lockup' Star Johnna Has Major Meltdown Over Husband Garrett Coming Home!

She can't find his paperwork on her way to picking him up from prison.

The WE tv series Love After Lockup chronicles several different couples who met online while their fiancees are behind bars and life together after they get out.  One of those couples are Johnna and Garrett, who she met after a wine-fueled evening looking for love online.  He served a seven year sentence for a myriad of charges, including burglary and grand theft.

Now, he’s ready to come home and for them to finally start a life with one another, even though she’s having problems getting her father to accept him, let alone meet with him.  In her midst of getting their apartment ready for him to come home to, she started having a major meltdown over not being able to find a particular file from his paperwork, which she said “could ruin their whole life” if she can’t find it! Will she be able to find the necessary paperwork so they can start a life with one another?

Love After Lockup premieres on January 12th at 10:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CST on WE tv. 

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