TMOG Sneak Peek

Maci's Heartbreak! Bookout Confesses The Truth About Bentley Not Seeing Ryan Edwards

'They are not in my life anymore either,' the 'TMOG' star admitted of Ryan's parents.

Maci Bookout isn’t taking any chances.

In a sneak peek clip for Teen Mom OG, Maci opened up about her tough situation with her baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, their son, Bentley, and Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry.

“Did Ryan take the drug test you asked him to take?,” her friend Keelie asked via a phone call. “Never got a text message back, so” Maci said.

She continued, “So I’m still not letting Bentley go over there. I’ve done more than I could possibly do.” Keelie explained how the only downside is when Bentley starts to ask questions, but Maci told her that he hasn’t asked about Ryan, but he does want to see his grandparents.

However, Bentley isn’t the only one hurting. Maci said, “I know that it’s hurting him and them. And really me too, because it’s like we went from being so close and now it’s like they are not in my life anymore either.”

Watch the clip above! Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights at 9pm ET, only on MTV!

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