It's War!

Maci Fires Back At Mackenzie! Ryan Edwards' Fiancée & Baby Mama In A HEATED Fight Over Bentley

Even Bookout's mother, Sharon, got involved in the feud!

Maci Bookout has gushed about her ex and baby daddy Ryan Edwards‘ new fiancée, Mackenzie Standifer, but it looks like everything isn’t going as smoothly as they make it seem!

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Thanksgiving caused a lot of tension between the two over Bentley‘s desire to go to Texas with his mom, stepdad Taylor McKinney, and his two siblings, over spending it with his dad and future stepmom.

A parody account for Gary Shirley, Amber Portwood‘s baby daddy, tweeted “Bentley CHOSE to go to Texas. He didn’t want to go with his dad. Maci gave him a choice & is taking the blame as a real mom would,” and Mackenzie replied, “I’d fact check that one.”

Fans saw the 8-year-old tell Maci that he wants to go with her to Texas. However, Mackenzie claims in another tweet, “well when asked by Ryan and myself it was a different answer.”

Luckily, Maci has the support of her own mama! Sharon Bookout, who makes rare appearances on the MTV show, tweeted at Mackenzie, “Y’all really wanna hash this out on social media?” Oh SNAP! Mother like daughter, Maci fired back, “I was just thinking the same damn thing.”

Despite the drama between the ladies, Mackenzie still stood by her future husband, tweeting, “I really don’t care how anyone feels, Ryan’s a great dad and I appreciate him 100%.”

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