From Madonna To Lindsay Lohan: The Fakest Fake Celebrity Accents Of All Time

And the award for least favorable accent goes to...

Just because you’ve made your living over acting out different characters or singing your heart out on stage, doesn’t mean you can automatically switch to a new accent whenever you feel like it. That statement surely isn’t true for these stars who are born and bred Americans, but still try to pull off a bad fake accent.
Nicki Minaj hails from Queens, New York, but sometimes she likes to throw in a British accent every now and then. She loves to trick Ellen DeGeneres with her kooky speech when she chats with her on Ellen.
Lindsay Lohan believes she has an ear for languages and shocked the world when she debuted her bizarre new accent in October 2016. The actress likes to pick up whatever dialects she hears and add them to her repertoire of languages.
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