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Malia Obama Didn't Let A Scary Stalker Keep Her From Weinstein Internship For Long!

Secret Service intervened when obsessed creep begged the teen to marry him.

Malia Obama put on a brave face in New York City as she headed to her internship with Harvey Weinstein, and she had a great reason to be relieved. The 18-year-old no longer has to deal with a stalker! She took a fews days off of work as her scary ordeal was handled. But as she went back to work, she looked sporty in a grey hoodie, black leggings, and a dark denim jacket.

She was being stalked by a man from Brooklyn who even wanted to wed her. He was detained by Secret Service agents after being spotted at the building she interns at, which is where he begged for her to marry him. #Weird

Luckily, he was recognized by the agents because this is not the first time he has come after Malia. While former President Obama was with his family in the White House, Jair Nilton Cardoso would try to enter the official building.

For the time being, no charges have been filed against Cardoso, but hopefully he’s gotten the message. Leave Malia alone!

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