‘MDLNY’ Fredrik Eklund Admits To Struggling With Miscarriages And Almost Quitting Show!

The surrogate was pregnant with twins.

Fredrik Eklund is known for closing deals on some of most expensive real estate in New York City but the Million Dollar Listing star is opening up about his personal life as well.

In a new clip, the Swedish native revealed how lose the loss of his unborn twins emotionally wrecked him and husband Derek Kaplan. In a blog post on Bravo he wrote, “It hit me so hard I couldn’t function …… I can’t explain it, but it shut me down completely.”

He continued, “You lose words, because words are empty and won’t do anything anyway. You want to scream. You get so angry. You think of them. You say their names. You think of where they went. You think of the life together that is lost. You open your eyes and they are not there.”

Fredrik, 38, revealed he would break down into tears at a moment’s notice— at the gym, in the street, while showing an apartment— and that the grief almost made him quit the show.

Million Dollar Listing New York airs Thursday at 9pm ET on Bravo.

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