OK! First Look: Is Big Time Rush Splitting Up?!

We know that it’s terrible to think about what’s going to happen when Big Time Rush no longer exists, but even the guys themselves have pondered it, you know. On this week’s episode of Big Time Rush called “Big Time Break Out,” each member of the boy band tries to find their own solo gig so that they’re not left behind when the band breaks up. Uh oh.

OK! Exclusive: A Peek Inside Tour Life With Big Time Rush!

Watch our EXCLUSIVE first look above to see what happens when Logan gets offered a job as a game show host and which other guy from the band starts making music on his own! But calm down, Rushers. Luckily this is only happening on TV and not IRL. Phew.

Photos: James, Carlos And More Boy Banders Shirtless

“Big Time Break Out” airs Thursday, July 18 at 8pm on Nickelodeon! What would you do if BTR broke up? Which guy do you think will be the first to leave the band in the future? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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