Watch Out, Kendall!

Paris Jackson Dishes Out $20K A MONTH On Her Supermodel Makeover

Sources say she’s using her dad’s inheritance to pay for her catwalk transformation!

Money’s no object when it comes to Paris Jackson ’s dreams of becoming a supermodel.

Sources say the 19-year-old has spent a big chunk of the fortune she inherited

from her King of Pop dad to turn herself into a catwalk queen —

and so far, it’s been a good investment.

Paris, who signed with IMG (Gigi and Bella Hadid’s agency) in March and has already done a Harper’s Bazaar cover,

“hired a team to overhaul her at a cost of $20,000 a month,” says an insider:

a nutritionist, a trainer, a life coach, even a hypnotist to help her stay sober.

“She’s also into lasers and injectibles,” says the source.

“It’s a full-court press to take the modeling world by storm.”

Watch out, Kendall!

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