WATCH: A Shocking Health Clinic Document Raises Questions About Emily In A New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Sneak Peek!

Is Emily hiding a big secret?

A sneak peek for the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars ‘Do Not Disturb,’ fans were shown a jaw-dropping moment that will draw attention to Emily’s health.

In the episode premiering on February 9th, a shocking piece of paper caught the attention of Dr. Rollins during his visit with Emily. Before he was able to discuss anything, she already knew the reasoning behind his visit, which is Alison.

Dr. Rollins tried encouraging her to go see Alison and a clearly frustrated Emily shuts down his suggestion.

On his way out, a fertility clinic document that was hanging out of a bag caught his attention which made him realize Emily might be hiding a big secret.

Not wanting to discuss her personal issues and before a conversation surrounding the document began, an angry Emily quickly asked him to leave.

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