'I'm Exhausted'

'Real Housewives Of Dallas' Season 3 Trailer Is Here — And It's Dramatic

Some old friends have become enemies and vice versa.

The drama in the new trailer for Season 3 of Real Housewives of Dallas is bigger than ever! The ladies are back and a lot has changed since we saw them last.

In the new clip, the housewives, including Brandi RedmondLeeAnne LockenStephanie HollmanCary DeuberKameron Westcott, and D’Andra Simmons, are all back this season.

What’s more, longtime enemies LeeAnne and Stephanie seem to have buried the hatchet! “I do feel like you’ve changed,” Stephanie tells LeAnne in the trailer. “Maybe other people don’t, but I do.”

While LeeAnne has mended things with Stephanie, she still has problems with Brandi. “She can bang on a bowl all she wants but she’s toxic,” Brandi says of LeeAnne attempting to use meditation to calm her outbursts.

“You’re an alcoholic, you’re a pain in my ass, and I’m not doing this anymore,” LeeAnne claims.

LeAnne and D’Andra also get into it. “Don’t put your f—ing finger in my g—— face,” LeeAnne screams at her at one point.  “I’m exhausted. My weave is exhausted. The panty liner on my underwear is exhausted.”

Watch the clip above to see more of the drama!

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