I’m Back!

Richard Simmons Is LOVING His New Wave Of Fame

Sources say the ‘80s fitness guru is planning a return to the spotlight.

Richard Simmons is a wanted man, and he’s loving it!

The beloved ’80s fitness guru has been M.I.A. since 2014,

leading to widespread concern about his health,

and even speculation that he was being held against his will in his L.A. home.

A new generation of fans has gotten hooked on him too through a hit podcast, Missing Richard Simmons.

But in reality, sources tell OK!, the 68-year-old has been venturing out in disguise all along —

and now he’s gearing up to emerge as himself again.

Richard, who sent a rare message to fans on Facebook after being hospitalized for indigestion on April 17,

has signed a new licensing deal, and “he’s nervous but excited about getting out there again,” says a source.

“He’s overwhelmed by the love people have shown for him. He’s focused on getting back to his fit self —

and after that, the sky’s the limit!”

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