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Rihanna's In ‘Diet Hell’ After Gaining 25 Pounds

Rihanna had a very busy 2016, with her Anti world tour and filming Ocean’s 8,

and she figured she deserved a break. “She wanted to take a step back —

from her strict diet, from the gym, from work,” says an insider.

But the Barbadian beauty got a bit more than she bargained for, as she’s put on about 25 pounds!

Though she’s often said she’s happy with curves — especially her breasts and her butt —

“she knows the junk-food bingeing has to stop,” says the source.

“She got a shock when she got back from vacation in Mexico and stepped on the scales.

She wants to be in a solid relationship again — she’s still hurting over the way things went down with Drake —

and to do that, she needs to feel her best. This was her last gasp before ‘diet hell,’ she’s told friends.”

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