Ryan Edwards Blames 'Teen Mom OG' For Not Having A Therapist After Rehab Stint

The troubled MTV dad claims therapists wouldn't see him unless he quit the show.

Ryan Edwards is back on the Teen Mom OG reunion stage!

The troubled MTV dad sat down with his wife, Mackenzie, and Dr. Drew to talk about life after he checked into rehab in May of 2017 for heroin addiction. “I still talk to my therapist that was in treatment with me. I call him up every once and a while now, it used to be a lot more. It used to be a lot more,” the troubled MTV dad said. “But I have Mackenzie, my mom and dad.”

“It’s honestly hard to find a counselor because of this TV show,” Ryan said, which left Dr. Drew confused. “It was like, ‘I am not going to see you because I don’t think the TV show and you are a good idea.'” Dr. Drew responded, “I still encourage you to go out and find somebody…That’s a very strange move. Very… at least, you could commit to them, you wouldn’t bring cameras in.”

Mackenzie chimed in, “That was very hard. They just said…’addicts are selfish. Ryan is selfish. This show makes him selfish.’ So he couldn’t be a part of the group unless he didn’t quit his job. Which, whatever.”

Watch the clip above! The Teen Mom OG reunion special airs April 16th at 9pm ET, only on MTV!

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