'I Do' Times Two! ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Features Its First Polygamous Relationship

This groom is walking down the aisle for a second time — while he's still married.

Say Yes to the Dress has been on for 15 seasons, but this Saturday, the show is experiencing a major first: a dress fitting for a bride who’s marrying a man…who’s already married!

In a clip for the upcoming episode, consultant Debbie Asprea meets with new client Jennifer, who proceeds to introduce her wedding dress-finding entourage: her fiancé Peter Runmo, and his wife, Ellen.

“We’re a polygamous couple!” Jennifer says with a big smile.

Debbie, looking utterly thrown off by her bride’s bubbly announcement, then speaks for all of as she says, “Okay, so now I’m a little bit confused. Tell me about that.”

Peter’s first wife Ellen then explains that after the birth of their daughter, she was diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which left her unable to be touched, even by her own husband.

Feeling badly for Peter, Ellen encouraged her husband to find love elsewhere. “This was something that I kind of pushed. I wanted to be sure that he was okay,” Ellen emphasized.

Added Peter, “This isn’t religious-based. We were all Catholic, [this is] clearly pretty far from the religion in which we were raised.”

See more from the trio’s visit to the bridal salon in the clip above! Say Yes to the Dress airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

What do you think of Say Yes to the Dress featuring its first polygamous couple? Sound off in the comments below!

Sound off in the comments below!

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