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You Won't Believe How Much Scott Disick Spent On Sneakers

Even for him, this is a little overboard.

Scott Disick used to think that the price for Yeezys—with some going for as much as $8,000was ridiculous. “I mean it’s unbelievable that we live in a world that people are going to spend $8,000 to walk in a shoe,” Disick told Complex in a recent video for their sneaker shopping series. However, his views have clearly changed, considering he just spent more than $15K on sneakers!

He also snagged himself a Louis Vuitton x Supreme hoodie. Everything added up to just over $15,300. Scott didn’t even seem stressed as he slid his credit card to the cashier. Must be nice!

While Scott says it’s hard to believe people would spend $8,000 on sneakers, he wouldn’t be surprised if someone paid that much to be in his shoes for a day. “I could see somebody wanting to spend $8,000 to walk in my shoes for a day,” he said, “but that’s a little different.”

Watch Scott go on an over-the-top shopping spree in the video above.

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