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Selena Gomez Feels 'Demoralized And Alone' After Losing Justin Bieber

The 25-year-old has a history of anxiety and depression.

Selena Gomez has been working on herself since her latest split from Justin Bieber, but it’s not going as planned. Friends are worried the 25-year-old is on a downward spiral and actually “is a mess,” a source tells OK! Magazine.

Even prior to her breakup, Selena’s been very open about struggles she faces, including depression and anxiety, and goes to therapy on a regular basis to work on her battles.

And the split, which of course happened in front of the world, didn’t help matters. Says the insider, “She went from being on top of the world to dealing with nonstop relationship drama. She feels so demoralized and alone.”

On top of that, because her mother Mandy doesn’t particularly like Justin, Selena reportedly chose to end things because she could not take the burden of having her mom at odds with her.

Unfortunately, that choice backfired. The source added, “Selena now feels a lot of resentment toward Mandy about the decision she made, and they’re barely speaking. So she’s essentially lost the two main influences in her life, which could be a recipe for disaster.

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