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WATCH: Dr. Miami's Employees Battle It Out Over Plastic Surgery!

'What are you hiding? Your little man boobies?'

The season finale of Dr. Miami airs this Friday, May 5, and we have a sneak peek as to what fans can expect. In the clip above, Brittany, who works for Dr. Miami, wants to get a curvier body after realizing that being skinny just is not for her. And he is more than willing to accommodate, offering to give her a total body makeover at no cost. One of the many benefits of working for him, we’re sure!

Chelsea, a recovery nurse, shows Brittany what she’s in for, as she has gotten work done by Dr. Miami as well. But she does throw some shade when Brittany says she doesn’t want the doctor seeing her naked.

“He’s seen everybody that works in here naked. What are you hiding? Your little man boobies?” Yikes!

Catch the drama in the sneak peek and be sure to catch Dr. Miami airing Friday, May 5, at 10pm et/pt on WE tv

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