Confrontation Time

Sneak Peek: Kyle Richards And Dorit Kemsley Get Into Expletive-Filled Fight On 'RHOBH'!

The reality star goes face-to-face with the newbie in an upcoming episode.

Things are about to get super intense on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Dorit Kemsley, who joined the show this season, gets into a major confrontation with OG housewife Kyle Richards over things that she has said not only about her, but also about Lisa Vanderpump!

During a trip to New York, Kyle revealed to Lisa all the things that Dorit has been saying about the RHOBH matriarch.  “What did she say, exactly?”, Lisa asked.  “Jealous and insecure, that you’re needy,” Kyle responded.

“She said I’m jealous, I’m needy, I’m insecure… what else?” Lisa exclaimed, in shock.

This leads to a confrontation between Lisa and Dorit, as the newest housewife does her best to defend herself, saying “I’m definitely over it, but I want to make sure that if I’ve said anything, that I’ve told you.”  Lisa, wanting to know more, asks her “Is there any other little nuggets that you want to deliver to me, because now’s your chance!”

Later, at a party, Kyle flips out on Dorit in an expletive-filled fight!  “Things that have been said about me and Lisa Vanderpump should not have f***ing been said!”  This has to do with Dorit talking trash about Lisa storming out of a dinner between them in a previous episode.

Erika Jayne tries to diffuse the brewing situation between Dorit and Kyle, yelling “Stop it right now!” Kyle isn’t having any of it, and continues to go in on Dorit, saying “I would never ever f**k you over and I feel f***ed over!”  Oh, the drama!

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