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Tamron Hall Refuses To Be Defined By Her Job

While giving a talk Thursday at the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council’s Summit Salute, Tamron Hall had a few things to say regarding her abrupt exit from NBC following news that her Today show time slot had been handed over to Megyn Kelly.

Page Six reports that Tamron claimed there there were “two types of people,” who reached out to her after the shakeup. “Some would call and say, ‘Oh my God, are you OK?’ And I was like, ‘What happened? Who died?’” And then there were other people who said, ‘What’s next,'” she recalled.

“I don’t want a friend who calls me saying, ‘Oh my God.’ It’s a job. It doesn’t define me. It doesn’t determine what I do … how I treat people. I’m going to always look you in your face and say, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’ — and if you make me mad, a good cuss word — but in the end, a title can’t define you” she said. “When your card no longer says anything beneath it, but your name, are you still you? Can you still savor the victory — the moment that you were able to take that dream? I never imagined that I would be on the Today show.”

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