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'I'm Afraid!' Inside New 'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus' Terrifying Baby Daddy Drama

Briana DeJesus hasn’t made her Teen Mom 2 debut yet, but she will definitely bring the drama!

The newest cast member of the MTV show has once feared for her safety and has the exclusive details! According to court documents, Briana and her mother Roxanne DeJesus filed a request for a protection order against baby daddy Devoin Austin on December 27th, 2011.

The documents read, “[Austin] previously threatened, harassed, stalked or physically abused the petitioner.” Adding, “[Austin] attempted to harm the petitioner or family members or individuals closely associated with the petitioner. [Austin] threatened to conceal, kidnap or harm the petitioner’s child or children.” It was also claimed that Austin has a “drug” and “alcohol” problem.

To describe his violent acts, the two claimed he caused a “big scene” at the hospital when the one daughter they share together, Nova, was born back in 2011, which resulted in Briana having to switch rooms and have a security guard outside her door. Roxanne wrote, “I’m afraid for Briana and Nova,” and claimed that he “texted me threatening to take the baby.”

The request for a domestic violence protection order was denied.

Fans can expect to watch Briana’s drama on the small screen as she prepares to make her debut as the newest Teen Mom 2 cast member next season.

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