Broken Family! Javi Marroquin Reveals Isaac Cries Over Him & The Way Jo Rivera 'Stepped Up As A Father'

Javi Marroquin’s heart is breaking for the boys!

In an exclusive interview with, the Teen Mom 2 star opened up about how the kids, Isaac and Lincoln, with his ex Kailyn Lowry are handling the divorce. “Lincoln, he’s still a little young so he doesn’t understand it. Isaac, it breaks my heart everyday, he cries for me every time I see him, he cries that he wants to go with me, he wants to go to my house,” he said.

Javi explained that he believes the 7-year-old is having “the hardest time with it all” and that separating the boys is difficult, which causes him to fight with his ex.

However, one person that he might of ended his long feud with is Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera. As seen on the show, the two didn’t get along, but now they are on great terms for the sake of the boys. “Jo, a lot of respect for him. When I got home, he actually called me to get together,” Javi revealed. “We sat down and talked and he pretty much said whatever is going on with you and Kail, that’s between you guys, but he told me that Isaac asks about me everyday and that if I ever want to come over or if I ever want to take him somewhere, just give him a call and we will make it work.”

Watch the clip above to hear more about Javi’s relationship with Kail, Jo, and Isaac! 

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