Vee Admits Worrying Over Jo's New Career Move - Find Out Why Rivera Took Out A MASSIVE Loan!

'Your debt is my debt,' the 'Teen Mom 2' star said.

Jo Rivera is making career moves, but it’s leaving his future wife, Vee Torres, a little nervous!

In a sneak peek clip for Being Vee, she opens up about her fiancé’s new real-estate business to her friend and her concerns since their wedding is right around the corner! “So you know how I was telling you that Jo is doing the whole real-estate thing? Jo was looking at a ton of properties today,” she says.

Both Vee and her friend agreed it was exciting, but the mother of one also admits that “it’s nerve-wracking!” She added, “He took out this huge loan, like six-digit numbers. Nothing I ever worked with before in my life, it’s crazy!”

Find out why Vee is so concerned about Jo taking out the loan in the clip above! Being Vee airs tonight at 9pm ET, only on MTV! 

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