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Farrah Abraham BLASTS Mother Debra's New Relationship: 'It's Just Weird!'

Looks like Farrah Abraham isn’t a fan!

In a bonus clip for Teen Mom OG, the MTV star has her dad, Michael, over for lunch with her daughter, Sophia. The little 8-year-old whips up a special meal for her grandpa. As seen on previous episodes, Farrah has had a tough time getting along with her mother, Debra‘s fiancé, David.

“We were hanging out with mom and her, uh, um, boyfriend or fiancé, I don’t even understand what they are doing,” she explained to Michael, and he replied, “That was nice, you probably made grandma happy.”

Despite being happy for his ex-wife, Michael admitted, “I mean I’ll be honest, I was shocked things were moving a little faster than I would like, but that’s not my life.” He added, “I met him once, he was very nice to me, give him the benefit of the doubt.” However, Farrah didn’t agree, “It’s really odd and I would like to limit that in my life.”

Watch the clip above! Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights at 9pm ET only on MTV!

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