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Chelsea's NIGHTMARE! Houska's Ex Adam Lind Wins Big In Court After Failing Drug Test For Meth

Chelsea Houska‘s nightmare continues!

After the Teen Mom 2 star’s ex and baby daddy, Adam Lind, tested positive for positive for meth and amphetamines earlier this month, he just won big in court over child support!

According to, the MTV bad boy will not be forced to pay more child support after a South Dakota court dismissed Chelsea’s, as well as his second baby mama, Taylor Halbur‘s petitions for modification. The filing was tossed on April 25.

As Teen Mom fans know, Chelsea was livid over Adam’s failed drug tests. “She will not turn a blind eye to his behavior,” a source close to the star told, explaining that she will enforce a court order that he can only have supervised visitation with their daughter, Aubree.

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